I Dream in Red, Yellow, and Green


Who am I but a figment of my own imagination?

A lie.

An idea I’ve used to claim the land of four nations.

Who am I?

Born in spring of mountains and meadows, underground dwellers call upon darkness to destroy me.

I live in the Far East amongst goblins who worship a dead man, while my people are stoned for worshiping each other.

My people worship this land that we have ruled over for centuries.

But look! Intruder!

Foreign tongues from afar of higher might and sparkling treasures divided our kingdom.

Who am I?

Beasts have invaded enemy land; close by they threaten my flock.

My enemies run!


But I, maker of warriors willing to face death, battle the beasts to save the enemy.

What now?

My enemies spit in my face while they eat my food.

They scowl at my children as they sleep under my roof.

They deny me my home; stealing from me its doors, windows, and the ground underneath my feet.

Who am I?

I make my enemies tremble in fear and drown in self doubt.

My very being intimidates them.

For generations these enemies are taught to see us as wild animals that must be hunted.

But never tasting victory, they wallow in ego and believe their own lies.

Who am I?

I am dangerous like the fury of a thousand soldiers.

Painful like the thorn in my enemy’s side.

All now know my name.

They ask who I am, what I want.

Go away!

Why don’t you go away?

They take from me what their ancestors failed to do.

They promise me freedom just to then pluck the feathers from my wings.


Who am I?

I am a dream that is loved and hated by too many.

But my people march on in red, yellow, and green.

Chant in red, yellow, and green.

Dream in red, yellow, and green.

One day this dream will come true.

One day.

Who am I?

Ez Kurdistan, I am Kurdistan.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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