If I saw a person and it was me I wouldn't  feel nothing because I don't regret what I see in front of my eyes.
I rather change and become bitter so all the times I had to be nice.
I show you what happens in the result of taking my niceness for granted .
I hold my fist because that's the one thing I know how to use .Pounding your face flashed me back in to my family, the girl I lost and what I change for to look back and see her dance around guys .Punching the wall and flick the liter to smoke my dreams and let them release from my month because I let them disappear.
Running the streets dark hoodie on trying to continue to move because the more I stand still the more I realize how alone I am.
Coldest soul that as you try and warm me nothing happens because the more you believe that your nothing you start to reflect as nothing.
What am I here for that I take my life so the world doesn't have to be disappoint in me.
Crowed in the blackness hopping a light will show me the way.
Running and chasing the crime because I felt that I needed to have power so people would respect me or give me the strength to take respect.
While people approach me makes me become in alarm trying to prove myself.
A big black wolf with no grace towards your life because I valued mines more .
No can stop me because no one ever stayed in my life that long to care on how I ended up.
I don't look behind me because I follower others no one is stupid enough to follow me .
Once I close my eyes I  inversion myself in my casket to question if I will wake up again.
Screaming and letting the tears fall from my eyes as I stay up thinking on how my life became such a mistake .
Breathing on lies because I stood in the place of a stranger .Because I didn't even have the guts to recognize myself.
I don't know who I am.
To afraid to ask for help because I had no one to LOOK UP TO .Watching the cars zoom by as I wanted to rush to adventure and speed out reckless out of control...DANGEROUS!
I don't need nobody I walk this long on my own trusting no one ..Walking on the edge ready to be be pushed off the cliff because I drop down doubting if I wanted to fly.
 Coming to a pause and look at me bruise myself seeing what I was attacking was myself.
Hands of my blood drip to the ground as I TELL MYSELF I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING ...
Its to late to change because this the only thing I knew...
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Our world


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