i bleed/you laugh


To the society that turns broken things into beauty,

ripped jeans fresh off the line

love novels, heroine saved,

get my hopes up

like i, too, will be saved

To the society that turns broken things into comedy routines,

horizontal for attention

vertical for results

as if both do not turn wrists

into bloody battlefields

sloppy experiments in turning oneself inside-out

a compromise between living and dying

as if asking for help is just

one more thing to be ashamed about

To the society that doesn't really understand broken things,

do not ridicule the faulty wiring

in the minds of those

who know nothing but how to hurt

how to feel every inch of loneliness

do not ridicule the broken things

if you are the one that broke them


From, stained glass windows and tear-stained cheeks

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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