I Am... A Surviver

who am I?

I am a surviver

because I have seen the gates of hell

open up before me to hold me and keep me near

the needle in my arm was just a temporry fix of how I felt

the escape was undeniable, but this was how I delt.

i flew high, crashed and burned 

felt the kiss of death approach me with an unconcered desire to take me.

I am a surviver because I fought

I fought the battle of addiction at such a young age

but the past is what has written the stroy to my page

the lies I was fed have taught me to be wise

and if I were asked " would you do it all over again?"

you bet.

you see without my past, I wouldn't be stronger

i wouldn't see past the groggy film that so many are unfortanate to see

I am a surviver because I fought hard

But I am...because God says I am 

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