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Leave it all behind. Embrace the new advenure. Become who you are.  
When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console.   To get out of the hole, here is a clue:
Everyday my eyes burst open. Everyday I become someone new. The person I was yesterday when my eyes closed is now gone,  and he teaches me how to change. I was not perfect yesterday,  nor am I today.
I am a Seed Wanting Longing to be watered, so I can spread my roots into the ground Wanting To be able to dig deep down and build a path towards my own success I am a Seedling Visualizng
imagine. A world we live in being in cased in total darkness. Cold, still.. Blinded from the notion of light that seeps within automatically. Until fear over shadows a feeling of success.
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
Change in one's self only happens within that one breathe, to change replenishes the unclean from being the broken to the mistaken.
Spread your wings and follow your destiny. Open your eyes and see the reality. Close your eyes and see what could be. Flap your wings and fiollow the path. Evolve into a beautiful butterfly. You've crawled low and miserably for too long.
achievement within,ascension with clarity,wings through ones knowledge.
Watch me weild  The power of fear and hate  I will press into your skull  Challenging your fate    I erase lines  Drawn in shifting sands  My relentless preaching 
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