The Human Race

Some run fast, some run slow

Some fall behind and don't know which way to go

The scenery changes from seeing the track straight ahead

They see darkness closing in, they get these thoughts in their head

They could keep running, but they become used to the essence of black

They can't see anyone, they feel so alone, because it's vision they lack

They sit and ponder

They don't dare and wander

Sitting alone in the accidental mess, crying for help with a silent voice

Going backwards, asking, failing, blaming themselves for their choice

Never trying to move forward, they can't, what if it hurts? What then?

But they don't understand, staying still hurts more when

They say they try, while they sit and cry and get comfortable being still

It's a heavy darkness, but you go in and out with free will


Some run fast, some run slow

Some live their lives on speed and go where no one knows

The scenery changes from seeing the track in front and back

Wait- whose back there? Some Leslie, Joe, or Jack?

High alert, scared, hearing voices, what do they do?

So scared of others, they knock them down the moment they come through

Be it foe or friend, they choose more of one than the other

So paranoid someone's out to get them, they never love another

They run on high, running backwards to make sure no one is behind

But in the very end, they've become so blind

People run past them, and they don't see, they've toppled themselves

Fallen from the anxiety, the one that overwhelmes

They find themselves stopping, but their feet are still running

So blind, they can stare forever, but are never seeing

They crumble, they fall, they still think someone's there

But no one is, know that, that's your paranoia you fear


Some run fast, some run slow

Some stay in the middle, although

They see so many people, how do they compare?

They care so much about what they wear

The clothes, the shoes, the price tag attached

It's a different problem than sitting, or watching your back

These people feel it, all of the others staring

If they do something wrong, others will be glaring

Eyes in the back of their heads, take a misstep, go on, dare

But honestly, would they even care? 

Dear invisible audience, please, don't look

The middle's could handle your gaze, you'll read them like a book

Never-ending jealousy, greed, and insecurity

The fact that no one cares is such an obscurity

They want to be noticed, but not looked at

They need attention from invisible people, but simutaneously, not that


Some run fast, some run slow

How do you run, do you even know?


Some run fast, some run slow.


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