The Human Race

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Why limit oneself to a single colorWhen one can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow?Look up and gaze at the stars. The clouds are lowBut only two colors are breaking the door.
Some run fast, some run slow Some fall behind and don't know which way to go The scenery changes from seeing the track straight ahead
Today is the first Day of the rest of your Life . Find a better Job . Get a wife . Today is best day to Discover whats undercover . Start a new Life . Happy New year to All put some time in at the Ball.
(The image accompanying this piece of writing is of an oil painting, created by me, with the intent of abstractly representing my memories of the natural landscape in which I lived as a child.)  
  If i could change anything it would be Human Nature. I would change it because as much as  want to see this world as a welcoming place I cant. I would change the way people are treated and talked to.
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