We sat down on an old brown wooded bench in the pouring rain
He held me tight and he told me to tell him what I was feeling
I told him I was feeling okay..
He looked into my eyes, squeezed my hands, drew me in closer and said "no, honestly"
Again I told him "I am honestly okay..."
"I can see you screaming for help, but i don't understand why you stay silent", he said
I responded....
"I stay silent because no matter what I do the pain is always there! Nothing helps and I wish I was open enough to tell people how I truly feel and what I'm going through but I cant! I am a PRISONER of my own mind and if I try to tell anyone how I am feeling it THREATENS me...Nobody would understand anyways..they would just think I'm crazy"
"You don't have to go through it alone...im here", he whispered
Sharply I said, "No actually I do...tell me one person who would want to feel PAIN when they don't have to, tell me one person who would want to feel so OVERWHELMED with life that they just want to QUIT, even worse DIE...so actually I am in this ALONE...because at the BEGINNING before it all began, at least i knew who i was, so HONESTLY I'm tired, I'm lonely, I'm frustrated, I'm sad, I'm disappointed, BUT most of all I'M DEPRESSED...."

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