From class to class

From book to book

This is all a mess

Just take a look


Homework piled up

No end in sight

Every time I wake up

Don’t turn on the light


I don’t want to see

I don’t want to know

the stuff in front of me

I want to let it go


It won’t leave

when I tell it to

I want to believe

But I couldn’t get through


‘Cause what I see is hopeless

Theoretically impossible

But God doesn’t care less

He’ll still make it possible


Maybe not this second

Don’t give up believing

He won’t forget it

He knows what your needing


First seek him

His kingdom and righteousness

Give him all your sin

So there’s no worry left


Of what is now

And yet to come

Because tomorrow

Is already won

This poem is about: 
Our world


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