Homeless, You Could Be Too


They weren't born this way.

They had a life just like you

You can end up right were they are

Homeless, looking for a job, and a car

Take a look in the mirror and be grateful

Or walk up to them and say 

"Hey, I wanna help. Do you mind if I help?

"I see your homeless and I wanna do something.

"You life is special and I wanna show that,

"That you don't have to be homeless."

Then take their hands, pull them to their feet and say

"Come on. We're gonna get you some help."

They maybe the homeless.

But they have a life just like you.

So when you see them, help them out.

They maybe be homeless but you could be too.

So be grateful and helpful to all homeless people in the world.

Cause they maybe homeless but you could be too.


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