Hidden Faces

Tears falling by nite

Smiles rising by day

Wanting to express yourself, but not really knowing the way

Glass shattered, pain misunderstood

People telling you to change, because change is good

If I could I would

It's not that easy

When I express myself verbally people don't believe me

She's pretty, she's smart, she just wants attention

My actions speak loudly but nobody listens

except you

You are the sunshine when my tears fall at night

You remind me that everything will be alright

When no one else is there, you're there without a doubt

You help me to vent, so I let it all out

Looks are irrevelant to you, you don't see appearance

I can express myself deeply and you don't just hear it you feel it

When all else fails I know I can turn to you

As long as I have my pen there's nothing I can't get through

Thank you for your understanding, poetry.


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