Hidden emotions

Ever wanna just get away,find a place to stop and think? 

Somewhere alone with your thoughts, so in your mind you can sink. 

Soak in the beauty of your surroundings,and enjoy the view. 

Nobody to please or rely on.. only you. 

When everything seems wrong, and you don’t know what to do. 

Even if you figure nothing out, just spend that time with you.

I love to be in nature, listen to the birds and the trees. 

Sit and watch the animals even bugs and simply feel the breeze.

Miss the ones you love and feel their presence near.

Know that you are not truly alone and your thoughts they can hear. 

I sit and watch myself somehow becoming someone new. 

But I’m not sure if it’s for the good and wonder if others notice too...

In my head I’m fighting a battle that nobody can see. 

When you see me I wear a smile so nobody would believe. 

If I told you I was lost would you listen to me.

To most I seem to have myself together, if only that could be. 

My thoughts are like a hurricane attacking the shore. 

Hidden emotions try to surface and in my head there is a war.

Should I show you my true colors, and see if you stick around. 

Or hide them like I’ve always done, buried in the ground. 


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