The heart does what it wants I guess

Fri, 08/24/2018 - 22:01 -- brogle

I hate that my heart yearns for you

It will look for in the hallways of our overcrowded school

It wants to give itself to you again

Let you break me

It searches for you in the corners of my mind

And it’s relentless

I can’t go a single night without dreaming of your perfect face and your intelligent mind


I hate that my heart only wants you

I’ve tried to get over you but it’s stuck in the same cycle

repeating, replaying, and making me stay in this prison of you


I hate that my heart won’t take a break

It was perfectly fine a day ago and now it’s back on its shit again

I try to mute it

I avoid you completely

Steer away from your gaze

Your touch

Because i know as soon as you even look in my direction


My brain melt and I’ll go right back to loving you


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