Hear His Words

Can you even hear him?

Or do you block him out?

Afraid of what he could say

That would make you feel so proud...


Do you even try now?

To let him in your 'house'?

Or do you lie afraid of all the pain

You left him in, on the ground...


I picked up all those pieces

I put him in my heart

Showed him what he could be

Without a father like you to break apart


The dreams he made in his mind

To keep his mind off of you

Never being good enough

Was the best he could ever do...


Are you proud of yourself Christy?

For humiliating him at night?

Or is their guilt in the empty corners

Of what you created for yourself to fight...


Did you remember to get him clothing?

Or did it not matter that they never fit?


He can't accept what's best for him!!!!


I did the best I could then...

Before the life drained from his eyes...

He died in my arms, you son of a bitch!!!

My daughter lost her daddy last night!!!


Why did you break his spirit?

I hope you live his life in Hell

Because when you get there, you'll see what you've done

And I hope it kills you for Eternity, as well...

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