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Here I am hangin my head with a noose  I could simply choose \Buzz of Role Models tell me not to Refuse I thought I could trust your cues But the very people I idolize teach me to lose
September 19. A friendship began. October 31. An unbreakable clan. December 25. Gift exchanges and cheers February 14. A new atmosphere. March 18. Eyes on the prize. April 20. Not so wise.
Leave your mark
Make your life count. Make your mark on the world. Make these clichés stop, please                 It is thy duty You owe it to yourself: to be                 Yourself.  
       These words are mine,Written before you as they are me,Saying nothing yet saying something,About whom I am and claim to be.The interworkings of a mind sheltered,Shielded by my skeleton and skin.
Born with the XX chromosome, (Why?!) A little girl, Growing up in a world, Too big for her to understand. A dad, That got the hardest job: To protect his daughter, From the countless dangers,
Bravery, a concept of strange humanity Is it real, does it even pertain to me? Myth, legend, flaw of the human brain Something some feel is the need to gain.
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