Happy Birthday

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 01:11 -- molgel

I thought of you today

in the midst of fog and haze

and though I try to forget your name,

I thought of you today.


It's like this every year

and a change is not so near

I can't help but wander to your heart,

It's like this every year.


Today's a thing we share

and I know you do not care

but I'm losing you bit by bit,

Today's a thing we share.


When will I see you again?

I hope it's before the end

but still I can't reach out to you,

When will I see you again?


My memories of you are starting to go

with each thought of you lined in a row

my hatred shoots them down one-by-one,

As my head starts to fill with sorrow.


That's all that I can say

on this very special birthday

a terrible gift to you, Dad,

That's all that I can say.


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