Grown but Still Growing

So ignorant and young

To not know the truth of it all

That things once pieced together

Could fall apart

Not easily mended

Things would be broken unintended

Wishful thinking will not solve anything

You’re grown now

Do it on your own

Money, money, money you get it, it’s gone

You get it, it’s gone

I try my hardest,

I don’t think it’s enough

A never-ending list of stuff


Mentally more than anything

Something to be ashamed of

Comparing always

No one told you that what you dreamed of

Could easily be put to sleep

Hopes and wished not easily achieved

Looking but not seeing

Inhaling but not breathing

Maybe one day

As distant as it seems

Closer than yesterday

Finding value in the small things

I’ve gotten older

I’ve grown quite a bit

I reflect on my goals

When I have time to sit

I’ll always have fond memories

Of when I didn’t know

This poem is about: 
Our world


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