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Soccer balls in the field and goalie free to wield he jumps for a view which appears to be new a goal appears as i run to my pears the satisfaction of a goal is screamed into my ear
Summer 06' Circled around the screen is my family Grandpa in his recliner sitting stern and proud My little brothers cheering loud My mother and father clasping their hands
The language without words yet everyone understands it.
  A stretch of land distances you from me,   More divides us than a glistening sea.   The contrast between you and I  
I am a baby blue bird, drifting to the soft sands of Rio de Janeiro, while lying dead on a dilapidated raft with all cares in the world left forgotten by my bedside.  
Flag of blue, white, yellow, and green Outside of the country, that is all that is seen  But, I flew, to the other side of the world  For 9 months, an unexpected land unfurled   
The Allied-Eraser grew monstrous, For stubborn stains, it had direct orders, To tear pages off the flap, Customized to rub Nazi land from the map, Came along Soviet scissors,
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