Believed in you like a religion But too bad people change every season Did things for you, some hasn't even been mentioned.And held you down, to now from the beginning.Dreaming about mansions and cooking breakfast in the kitchen. No one was for you but me, Or at least i thought. and in the past I fought ,Fought for your justice like it was all i got. Bur now I regret giving my heart to end up being broken apart. Not many recognize the art that you brought, And that was the best part...till this day I still love youBut I can't be stuck on stupid for a lifetime. I have to keep going till i find mine.See me later. I'll see u down the line.Some people just don't rock how I rock, don't love how i love.But theres no difference if the feelings are mutual.Told me to keep your promises, was beautiful.Till the lies bottled up and I found the real you.Knowing we wasn't gonna make it through. I put back on my shoes. Knowing you couldn't walk in em to see all i did for you. ... and the faith fades. Hearts disappeared. Trust evaporated in the dark where love is played like spades And should you feel bad, I don't blame you. But I blame myself for having feelings for you..I thank myself for not spending millions on u.. and millions of times You've become so far away. Not much to say but i'll b okay. Because at the end of the day i know my worth and unlike many i’ll forever stay 1k

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Our world


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