God's Child


I'm here to tell you who I really am

I may not be athletic, tall or skinny

but I know I was created in God's image

he made me differnt for a purpose, 

so I know he's not finish.


We all got a story to tell so let me tell you mine

When I was born I was told I would never be able to read, write or talk;

but that's a lie that's why because I have light and I need to let it shine.


I was always a misfit because I looked differnt, I acted differnt and I felt differnt

just becuase I wasn't worldly like everyone else;

everyone else said you should tap that girl, smoke that weed, dance to that song

but realized that all that stuff would make more and more hungry then you turn into animals who is trapped in a prison called insanity;

that's why I decided to follow Christ  instead because he can never go wrong

he's the reason why speak without using profanity.


When I speak it will be used to inform, uplift and inspire

because the old me will officaly retire

I was onced lost in a cold world

now I want to warm it up with fire

because I realized I not the only one who has been rejected

ask the Messiah.


I may not be perfect but I'm far from worthless

that's why I'm thankful everyday 

because life is short no telling when it's your last day,

but it's only by grace through faith that I'm still here.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



because I realized I'm not the only person who has been rejected ask the Messiah.

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