Go Beyond the Limits of Possible into the Impossible


being fearless does nOt mean i

am Bulletproof to all that horrifies

mE, instead it means i open mY

mind tO all possibilities that lie

before me, takiNg the risks that apply


being fearless Does not mean i do

noT have fears, i Have not one fewer

than thE average Person hOwever i view

each and every fear as a challenge allowing mySelf to

unravel, allowing myself to try Something new


Being fearLess does not mean i may 

be a supErhero, I am an everyday

persoN, just with differenT values, i play

the cards as they cOme To me, and lay

tHem down in my own uniquE way


beIng fearless does Mean i fall

into the hands of fate, as i crawl

then grow into a confident Posture, standing tall,

acknOwledging my accompliShmentS, i may have started small

but i had to Begin some pLace aftEr all.

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