Girl with Yellow Shirt Talks

When your run burns out and no one is around

who's going to hold all that weight?

Don't eat right now I think your brain is tired of moldy misteaks 
Have yourself a cup of water because the acid is driving you insane 
I have a jar for change but it's filled with coins
Ice skating in thoughts may leave you out of poise 
Can your love be anything other than loud noise 
you don't mind the voices or the posies 
I walked past a fat cat and felt the same
I ditched my clothes and found myself in need for some self-esteem 
So I dialed a number and I found what I wanted but wasn't what I became 
I like to think I am man but the world's air feels all the same
until you reach elevations that push on your mind 
And like a doctor with a trophy wife 
I spent all my money on shiny flings  
You will try to tell me words but I won't hear a thing
and it's not because they are hard to say
but because the drugs are finally hitting your brian 
If a reality is something you feel then my reality is pain 
Not like those thrones you step on in the summer 
But like the feeling of no escape 
My keyboard fell apart and I did too
Expect the computer is more of use   
I'm drinking hydrogen so I can feel simple 
Not much around me but all my missing plans 
I need to empty buckets so I can collect the rain 
And maybe I will find something that is worth a drink
I like your games, but it's just too much right now when I'm looking for a place to stay 
Come close so you can blow me away.
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



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