Girl In Blue

Girl in Blue wading in golden grain so tall it tickles her palms as she strides toward a nearby spruce.

She breathed in the air fresh from a recent rain.

Rain… a vague memory flickers into view there was pain and fear, but a glowing orb came and swept all away.

Now there was nothing she was all by herself in a strange gold and green world.

Girl in Blue how lonely…

Slumped down under a tree’s canopy tears stain her dress when a familiar smell reaches her nose.

A hope rises in her heart as the cool wind caresses her face, blowing her yellow curls awry.

The only thought in her head was that her mama was near and when she looked beyond the tree-

A simple cottage awaiting her with her mama, papa, and baby brother their arms open in welcoming.

Girl in Blue how hopeful…

Her mama calls her name, wrapping her in a vanilla scented embrace.

 Papa steals her away twirling her in the air and tickling her forehead with his beard.

She was home when her little brother pulled her into the cottage.

Girl in Blue how content…


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