the girl and the panic monster


the clouds so gray above her
pellets shooting through the sky
she, oblivious.
caught up inside a gray sky of her own
the demons playing with fire and water guns
gaining power as the sun hides.
the army of clouds shall not let it rescue
the helpless girl.
o helpless sun
show her the power of light
your light that shines
in minds of the stronger
without you she wanders
to strange places of disguised demons
and evil angels and dark corridors
closing down upon her.
break the barriers of darkness
all she needs is a ray of light.
she sees a glow, a flickering glow
a step she takes
then two
then a skip
and she runs
desperate to catch
that glow of hope.
she runs and she runs
so close, her hands outstretched 
almost touching the flickering glow
it flickers away
and dies.
she hits a wall.
she dies.
closed eyes.
finally she sees


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