Over a year come and gone,

long nights that turned into dawn.

Hanging on thin threads of hope,

that helped me cope

a devistating loss long ago.

Holding on to someone I used to know.

Wishing I could turn back the hands of time,

when I was yours and you were mine.

Maybe just have one more day,

to tell you everything I have ever wanted to say .

Tear stained pillows and empty bottles of wiskey.

Thinking about the thought of 'us' before it became just a memory.

Fighting a battle between my heart and common sense.

Hated the fact that I talked about you in 'past-tense.'

On a cold's winter's night that car crashed.

'The shattered glass, and the front of the car completely smashed.

My fractured rib, and swollen lip.

The scars on your head and broken hip.

Stuck in a little car side by side.

And allthough it didn't happen, I convinced myself that night, you died.'

Allowed myself to move on from all the hurt.

Forgave myself for letting you put my heart in the dirt.

Let go of all that wasted time I spent

waiting for you. I was finally content.

Realized how stupid I was for going back to you.

Let you take advantage of my feelings, even when I knew.

Over a year come and gone, the thought of you began to fade.

Soon enough all my heart needed was a bit of first aid.

Just when I was forgetting the things about you I missed the most...

I saw your ghost.


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