The Generous Soul

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 22:57 -- bre543


A girl suffered through many hardships, and she bore it all for a while.

She had many people that came and then left, she took abandonment with a smile.

Her persona changed over time, from heartfelt to harsh fiend.

No one understood the girl, her opinions always seemed mean.

One day she met some friends, who she thought would stay.

But eventually her stone cold words, drove them far away.

She finally broke, this girl of steel, her resolve withered by

the stress of being what everyone wanted, a friend that didn't lie.

They wanted not a pretty false, but the ugly truth.

And she gave them that and they turned on her, no one was there to soothe,

Her broken heart, and mind, and soul, which eventually drove her mad.

She just wanted to help people, and she did, but they treated her bad.

And everyone that she "insulted", ended up with success.

A kick in the butt was all they needed to stop them from regress.

But the girl, she died alone, and upset at her fate.

The friends all wanted her back, but alas, it was too late.

This rhyme tells the importance of a loyal, honest friend.

They'll help you through your troubles, and stay with you till the end.


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