Friend ship

Thu, 09/28/2017 - 10:33 -- amgray5

There are these people that you call friends.

You can list them down in the order of who you’ve known longest.

Or maybe who you wish you could forget the fastest.


When it comes to friends,

There is this mutual trust that seems to exist.

One where you tell them your secrets,

And pray they do not get bought to the other side.


You can be broken together,

Crying and laughing over lifes many trials.

But one thing no one tells you,

Is that friendship can only go so far.


Eventually you are not enough,

The standards they have are too high,

The weight they put on you is too heavy,

And the friendship you once had becomes frayed.


You try to reach up,

Hoping to grasp the perfection that is there.

But you are broken,

And the perfection definitely does not care.


You cry to your friends,

Wondering how they made it so far.

Not seeing the self-righteousness they carry,

Only feeling the deep scar that has been left.


You cover for them always,

Wanting to believe what once was known.

But in the end,

Their standards became normal,

And you just could not reach that far. 


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