when i was little, i was lonely
i looked for people like me -
i found you, and you were great
for a while at least.

i told you my thoughts
and we joked for some time
until you met a girl,
i didn't like her
but you were in love
so i tried not to cause a stir.

love can be wonderful
though i wouldn't have known.
you did everything for her,
worked yourself to the bone.

in the end, the girl got bored
she could not have seen the you i saw,
so she fluttered away, fast as she could
and left you to withdraw.

i tried to save the day –
you said you shook, and maybe cried,
but your pain i could not allay, 
and there the happy you would die.

for a time, your corpse was enough for me
and we continued our friendship, thankfully
your shakes had passed, eyes had dried
but i could tell on the inside you had died.

he didn't see the change in you,
he thought you were always so offish.
but i remembered, and i still do,
the real you who i once knew.

none of that matters,
my anecdote is worthless
you've moved on and found new friends.
but i’ll never forget the you i once knew,
for all those years before –
you’ll always be my best friend
though you too forget who you were.


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