Foreign Goddess

With lofty smile and violet tresses

She walks in blue jeans, not in dresses.

Behind masks of powdered beauty she does not hide,

However, her grace be no less dignified.


This goddess from a land afar,

Somehow we crossed paths amidst the heavens.

Her laugh a song, each eye a star,

Most like a modern day visage of Helen.


What curious fate,

What humoured demon of misery

Would, with such hate,

Have had her mix with me?


I have died a thousand deaths,

Just from her wandering glance.

She has stolen a thousand breaths

And set my heart at a mad dance.


Oh! Be still, you maddened heart!

Do pain me no more with your longings.

Tis not some form of art,

To compose a symphony of sighs through fevered fawning.


Dearest heart, why act so wild?

When you know you desire a dream

So unfathomable, you should be mild,

Yet, with love and longing you teem.


As her gentle shoulders rise and fall

With ever sigh her lovely mouth forms,

And I have taken to counting them all,

My soul grows weary, my heart forlorn.


How can the cruel kings living in the stars

Expect me to live on

When my Goddess dwells within my heart,

Yet, her presence,

In my life,

Is gone?


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