How am I supposed to be confident when I have so many flaws. From the mistakes I make, the risk I take, to the scars, open cuts, wounds on my body.

I will never have the high self-esteem. My insecurites are my biggest flaws, just to have the feeling of being the prettiest girl in the room will boost me from a 3-6. Yes I know beauty is what's held in & not out but the world doesn't see it my way, they judge books by the cover.

Not being able to feel beautiful in the skin you were in feels ugly. No matter how much you wanna believe that you are beatiful outside as in; you can't your depression won't let you.

You go though days being wasted, late nights crying...searches of how to fix a problem that was made a beautiful soul.

But at the end of the day you have to really ask yourself  is it worth buying the fake plastic barbie body, the new face, or the new clothes. Wondring everyday was it all to make a point that to be beautiful you have to change.

Some may think no god made me this way for a reason, some think change is worth it all.

How is it possible for me to find love & farytales when I can't find the love I have for myself. I'm the one saying I need both to let love find me, but I also wanna look confident when attracting.

To all ladies love yourself, one day the love you give yourself will reurn back to you.


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