Yes honey im flawed
Creatively drawn with a broken image of something that shuldve been beautiful
Designed to please no eye of judgment nor scorn of jealousy
Looked upon periodically beauteous, yet words would never encourage this.
Face flawed with struggle of mixed stories.
A mask of what only judgmental eyes can see.
A heart protected with the mistakes that had me suffering.
Pain that took my breath away
Realizing that a life in its beginning were destroyed
Yes honey im flawed
Tricked into trusting the words he spoke
Believing the lies that had me position lik an animal, begging him not to stop.
Unable to see the royality that stems from a long line of queens
Wrapping myself into what seemed to be right.
Dangerously placing my love in the palms of his hands
Pulling him closer both mentally and physically
Only to later be pushed away and replaced by another
Another female that I thought I knew so well,
But yes honey I am flawed
Apprehended by my own intelligence..
Causing me to fear the risk of life
Daring not to trust another for the words they speak shall break my already broken
Afraid of what they will leave with me..
So much hurt and pain, 
Numbing sensations that ease the tolerance of growing sickness
Drowning me in the sea of regrets and heartbroken tears
Flushing me away 
But yes honey I am flawed
Jealousy of what appears to be
Never lookin closely 
Anger that abides within the smiley face u see.
Anger that rumble endogenously..
Following the rules and regulations of rebellion
Yes honey im flawed
Covering my emotions with a mask of nonchalance
Afraid to reveal the sensitivity of my broken.
Fighting against my own maturity, 
Afraid to creed pass others..
Too cautionious of what they may say.
Fear in my heart whichs controls my brain.
Unable to comprehend the significance in which life has to gain.
So much love lost cause of the flawed being.
Maybe if life really loved me...


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