Fight on




Sunset Boulevard


Los Angeles California

Bring you back to the silver DeLorean, flux capacitor

We got that hover board under the seat.

What you know doesn’t matter, anymore

Going back to the future is hell

I can’t take it anymore I’m about to rock the bell

They profit with putting me in a cell

I’m 19 years old and my whole life’s a crisis
But I train to defend myself
A capoeira fighter mentality

And with a Buddhist monk spirituality

No way as the way. Enter the Dragon.
I speak that.
I’m an urban guerilla

And I preach that

When I say that
I mean that
Is that clear

I just say what’s near and dear

But every time I look around I witness so much injustice going down

Through the years I be getting stress

Make me wanna put the tool to your chest
So when I walk in the dark
Holding the light
My ancestors are the reason I walk in the night holding this light

It’s why I fight the good fight
Root run deep

I can’t sleep
Responsible to keep this light on
So I fight on
Fight on


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