Father in the Sky


Earth, created by  heaven

Man and Woman, source of hope given

Fast forward generation after another

one thing went missing,

the presence of a father.

Earthly presence of fathers ripped away

While mothers had to survive the single way

Men began to sow their seeds

but never had time to harvest their crops

Thinking children were a burden to be freed

but instead they were the keys to their locks

"Where is my real dad", he has been here all along

All I had to do was believe in him and confess him with my tongue

Even though we can't play catch or go to a ball game 

I'm able to catch his word, And of course he knows me by name

He loves me unconditionally as great as love can be

With pressure, my earthly dad might decide to leave me

Our Father who is in heaven will always be Dad above all

So if earth dad leaves us upon heavenly daddy we will call.


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