The Farmer


Purok-7 Kabalalahan, Barangay Guinabsan, Buenavista Agusan Del Norte, CARAGA, Mindanao

Hear! Lend me your ears!
Friends,family and peers!
For I shall tell you a tale,
That happened in our vill.

There's a farmer living --
In that vill, far from men;
And of old and women,
And clangorous children.

He worked the field,
And have them tilled.
Alone and has no guild,
Slowly and slowly, he build;

A hut out from trees,
He'd cut by his cut.
With a grip of his knees,
His arms and with gut

Down they go and fall,
With a creak and a growl.
He'd cut the trees that are tall,
And he cleared them all

After the hard days work,
He'd readied the plate.
He'd no spoon and fork;
With barehands, he ate.

And guess his food;
Cooked cassava and camote.
But his face doesn't brood,
He was content and happy.

He paired it with dilis,
With salt fermented fish.
A camote leaf soup in a bowl,
Enough to warm up his soul.

Corns, he had sow;
And bananas did bow.
It is time to reap,
That all comes to heap.

The hut; and there was no space.
His harvest is coming to waste.
So he invited the old and the men,
Women and clangorous children.

He gives them some,
To take it home.
To all that had come;
Walks away, not alone.

But not a gratitude,
There for his good attitude;
And there comes the night,
That caused all people a fright.

He was readying a plate,
A fool towards his fate;
When he is about to eat,
His feet gone straight.

He was stabbed in the back,
His life is brutally plucked.
Some strangers came in his hut,
And killed him with no pity and but.

The police found a note --
In the bamboo floor, he wrote;
"Thank you Death, thank you Death."
"That you finally ended my breath."

The old and the men,
Women and clangorous children;
Wept upon his end,
Buried in the place his farming.

Thanks for lending me your ears!
Beloved friends,family and peers!
For this is just a long age tale,
That happened once in our vill.

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Our world
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Annette M Velasquez

Your style, word choices and rhyme scheme are very innovative and unique. You've presented us with a compelling narrative, interesting and " different" but in a positive way!

Will Write WithLove

Thank you, I hope you like my other poems too...

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