Poems from Will Write WithLove

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• Local farmboy • Filipino citizen • Poet • Novelist • Eldest son of Añuber family • NGSB • Soon to be a teacher • Mindanao Poets Society administrator • Loves classical poetry
Coal nights are beauty When stars asleep, sound and tight. There's a lullaby.
Smile while you can, And please do make it wide. Don't wait for it to be gone; With it, may you abide. As long as longer, stay with its...
My heart is very heavy, Like it weighed a thousand pounds. Like clouds turning dark and gray; And it terrifies the ground, And a large...
Hear! Lend me your ears! Friends,family and peers! For I shall tell you a tale, That happened in our vill. There's a farmer living -- In...
My smile is the Pen. No matter how wide it is; dark Ink -- it will Spurt!