"Far Gone"


Its in times like these that I wish I had you right by me to hold me, comfort me & tell me everything is gonna be okay

Its times like these that I wish you were right by me to hold my hand & wipe away the constant flow of tears... that drown me on a daily

It is you who is my true happiness & my big bright smile
Without you I am nothing
I have lost your love, I have lost everything...
Nothing In this world matters if you're not here with me

I am a lost soul drifting away with no guidance
I am losing my sense of self
This dark pain is consuming me, this deep sadness is tearing me apart, I don't know what to do anymore

I don't know where to begin or when this treachery will end, please help your little girl daddy & come back to me

I need to be happy once again …
I fear the worse is yet to happen
I know I'm not strong enough to take it anymore
I give up so easily now, I have no reason anymore dad

I have failed you
I'm sorry that you believe in me
I'm sorry that I doubt myself now
When you were the only one who had faith in me supporting me, loving me, caring for me
I try but nothing ever seems to work out

Its just so hard to go on with life when you lose the one you love the most
I most oftentimes feel alone
Nothing is the same anymore
It seems much easier to just let the big hole in my heart consume my being

Everything's much harder now that you're gone
I have lost a lot of things lately
My thoughts are now scattered & random
I have no more paths to follow, I'm on my own …

My light has vanished
My wholeness extinct
Just know that I love You
& that I'm sorry


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