Family Ties


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I’m sick of these family ties holding me back,
And if I ever tried to leave you’d be right there to put me right on track.
Chastise me and ridicule me for everything I lack.
Ask me how I am I’ll lie and say I’m grand.

Son and daughter,
Your wife’s a mother.

I burned those pictures long ago and forgot my brothers.
Exchanged one life for another, I can’t stitch things back together.
Trying my best to be a father, I was proud to call you my lover.
The ship ride home was the most surreal moment of my life,
You are my wife and I have a son waiting for me back home.
I never met him before, is he angry I left him alone?
He has to understand it shook be down to my bones,
I never was close enough to a phone, to let him know his father loved him so.

Son and daughter,
Your wife’s a mother.

He never meant it; it was a symptom of the stress,
Get him home and to bed so maybe he’ll worry less.
Loved you just as much as he ever did, waiting for you to wear your Sunday dress.
I’m angry, angry I let this all crumble into this mess.
He had his father’s eyes, I only guessed.


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