False FOMO

To the person struggling to find herself in our digitalized world:



In all its beauty and beguilement

Is forcibly condensed

Into pictures and pixels

A poor replication of the original

Reality now lives

In megabytes and hearts

That are broken everyday

By lies


You are an inherent actor

But life is not a stage

You don’t live

In pages

But what’s really


Is that with every click

Every swipe

Every tap

And every like

You are losing


You want so badly

For people to like

What you do

And what you say

Because you think no one loves who you

Really are


Shooting stars

Speeding across the sky

Only to fall to earth

In an explosion

Of disappointment, disengagement,

And discontent

All the while

Never knowing that you were meant

For more


Connection ceases to exist

You can’t smell the roses

Because your nose

Is buried so deep

In someone else’s


You can’t see people for who they are

Because if eyes are the windows

To the soul

Then Venetian blinds

Custom made by Steve Jobs

Obstruct your view


What you need

Is tunnel vision

Make a conscious decision

To live your life for yourself

And no one else

Be here

Be here now

And wow

Look at what you can do


This poem is about: 
Our world


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