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This screen is a window to a world of friends getting together, of people finding love, of people achieving success, with little to no effort.   I look at all the people presented to me
To the person struggling to find herself in our digitalized world:   Life In all its beauty and beguilement Is forcibly condensed
Fomo I dont mess with you no mo' My friends go out and make it seem fun It is for awhile , but then you become numb Always succumb to the next cool thing I cant live that way its dumb
iCan't liveWithout love.IGSCFBu kno meiNeed3G 4G LTEHOW ELSE WILL I SEE WHO REALLY LOVES ME?!Who watched my story,Liked my latest selfie.Facebook message me.My besties. My family.Thank God for technology.iCant be mewithout the love from social MEd
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