My world is becoming cold like a tomb
All my dreams are turning to be just illusions
My faith on life is slowly draining
I'm now lying between rock and a hard place
Searching for light from the darkest caves

I'm trying hard to run away from my own feelings
The feeling of being depressed and suicidal
The feeling of being lonely and lost
This feeling of always craving for the blade
The feeling of being worthless and blaming myself

Asking God to take this cup away from me,
Crying everytime has now become my daily meal
Taking pills to sleep and pills to wake me up has become my addiction
Drowning in loneliness,anxiety and depression
Walking paths leading me to no where

The picture I'm always painting to people is far from the truth
My life has become a joke,i wish i could be serious and open up
But each time i try,i always become dumb
Onthe outside I'm smiling but onthe inside I'm cowered
My intuition voices are calling me home,
But the voices of my demons are becoming louder

© mum's Dota

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My family
My community
Our world
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  this is beuatiful like damn 

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