My best friend, inseparable sisters

Yeah, that was us.

Laughter resonating, together to the days end

Sharing secrets, sharing stories, sharing memories

Sleepovers and movies, playful gossip

Swooning over boys, and hot celebrities

Then...break ups, and being shoulders to cry on

I got you, and you got me, right?


Realization hit me like vertigo

An echoing slap, stunning me like flash bang

Lies ricochet, your words – the instrument of deception

My mind – the auditorium

Woodwind Saxes whaling hatred

Brass trumpets blaring belittlement

Drums like cannons crashing through trust


You did this. This devastation – your medal.

For years I knew, four years I gave you chances.

Fours year, you took advantage.


Every time I thought you changed

Every time I let you in

Like a knight, I defended your cathedral of lies

Beautiful friendship, forged from broken pieces.


Nothing more than scum under my shoes

Jealous, selfish and useless

Is all I think when I see your image

Like a vulture, picking at my every flaw

Laughing at my every word when my back is turned

You don’t impress anyone

You think they’ll like you more, but you only delve deeper

Into your coffin of pointless endeavors


Each morning at 5am, I rise from my dreams

I chase them, testing my bones, my mind and my heart

I have goals and a will to reach them

My failures stand as lessons

My medals, showcases of my ability

The fire in my heart roars prideful and boundless

It surpasses my doubts, and drives me forward

If your brain can comprehend anything, let it be this!

I have achieved too much,

For you to ever break me down. 


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