I want answers you tell lies

Going against my religion, but not my heart

Which is worse?

God, why do I anger you

I like girls I'm really sorry

It wasn't on purpose

He hurt me really bad, and now they all look evil

She was super nice and my best friend

Now Idk what we are

For the first time in a long time I said I love you

Damn it I thought I was your daughter

I'd do anything to get her back, but I don't think you want that

You took her from me

My heart hurts because I was in deep love not lust

I didn't want to go against your word

They say I've already condemned myself to Hell

Can you tell me why?

My whole life has sucked and all I wanted was to be happy

I haven't prayed in a while

I haven't gone to church in a few weeks

The evil daughter who does no good

My intentions weren't to be a disappointment

We are starting to talk again, but I can tell things aren't the same

Am I still allowed to be a Christian?

Can someone help me feel less confused?

God and my family are both gone, but I don't believe in you any less?

I just want to know why I can't be with her

DId you change her heart to question me?

Can you change it back so she loves me?

I type and type hoping an answer wil be released

Stupidity comes over me, and I realize

Excommunication... Hell...

Not what I want for my life

So I wonder how it would be



just dated




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