Eternal Bliss

With an abundance of sighs 

I'll tell of incredible sights,

outstanding highs and a young prince's terrible demise
soon your mind will realize how I lost this precious love of mine   
The tragedy of a masterpiece is the devil in disguise 
The anatomy of a woman should be dissected more than twice
Too alive but not in motion 
The only option is suicide
But I must sail all the oceans 
Forever trapped inside my mind
Gnawed on a reddish fruit
Washed it down with purity 
Still the core pollutes 
Causing insecurity 
My heart spasms when I acknowledge I am Adam 
My vibrant sensations became my patience 
I can't do without them
I see in a distance my beautiful eve
With the hope she will soon take away my painful misery
Her hands on her hips and her face in distress
Represents that she wanted taste inside of her breath 
Met her on a bridge we jumped in began to swim 
Out of fear 
We kept the water under our Chins
Caught some fish with spears
Slashed off the hanging dorsal fin 
Ate it and ate it and ate it 
We are savages
Sedated I waited for the correct adjectives
We skipped through a garden park to look at art 
However the vivid image in question is a black artificial heart
In the corner of my eye I noticed an angel playing a harp
Approached the mourner at his table 'til a serpent tore his flesh apart 
The nightmarish thought made my insane brain corrupt 
The fallen angel's blood was gooey like maple syrup  
The day is overcast 
We pray that it'll clear up
God never hears us
we enter an abyss before others see us
Are we driven by decisions 
When I'm winning its precision
Writing letters letters without revision
I'm on a mission to diminish the thoughts that do not allow me to finish the crime I intentionally fucking committed 
A hallucination I create
Shows my vulnerability state
the question I create 
Regards entering heaven's gates 
The more I take the more I owe
Speaking through my sorrow throat 
I ate until I reached the core 
Now I can't wander more


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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