The Enemy Within

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 17:04 -- Crcrose

Dear anxiety, 

        You've been with me my whole life

                               Not like a loving mother who cares for me

                                         More like a rope tied around my neck gradually getting 

                                                Tighter and tighter making it harder for me to breath

                                                                                  To speak without fear

                                                                                  To trust my own thoughts

                                                                                  To relax without worry 

             You make my chest tighten

             My head pound and ache

             My stomach twist and turn 

            Because of you I doubt myself at every thought and decsion 

            I hardly sleep most nights 

            I can't seem to escape my own thoughts bouncing around in my head


           I see myself as not good enough

                                    Not smart enough

                                   Not brave enoguh

                                   Just not enough, ever 

            Anxiety I wish I could make you leave me alone 

           I've told you time and time again to hit the road but you come slithering back 

                                                    Every time

           I may not feel powerful or brave but I've had enough of you in my head 

                                         I will push you out










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