An Endless Cycle

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 00:19 -- Fictari

Gazing upon the windows of night,

Soft Shells crushed in my hands,

I cry as my tears fall upon scattered sand kingdoms.

Intricate life scattered like sand upon the beach

I stand upon.


Once where natured graced this barren earth,

Stand I,

Like the specter of Death;

Only my tears remind me of my supposed humanity.

No skull and scythe and cloak of dark infinity,

But a tear-stained face and a wallet stuffed with money and a god-complex.


However I am not alone,

Upon this raped and ravaged stretch of beach;

Stark white infinity against the night blotched by human forms

Just like mine.


Everything is dead beneath us:

Plants, Animals, the Land, and each other;

An infinite beach of corpses slaughtered throughout the centuries,

All to pleasure our egos.

Whole Worlds destroyed because of our narrow-mindedness,

Our greed,


An ENDLESS cycle.


Awake for the first time

I see the evil of mankind;

My tears shed for the atrocities committed by myself.

Yet when I look up,

Nigh none are aware of their senseless brutality

Against the Earth and its organic kin.

Our own natures blind us like rhinoceros trapped among

A tiny kingdom of paper.


Forever blind they walk

Mercilessly over everything and everyone.

No matter how much I shout

They only hear the sound of money rubbing sensually against pockets,

And of the static uproar of a synthetic future.


Suddenly I hear the smooth slither of the ocean onto land.

It calls to me like a Siren;

Crying against the oil and chemicals which clog its being.

As I stare into the dying blue surf

I know what I must do.


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