a positive poem

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Coulds’t thou Smell incoming rain Inhale the misty skies
One day we'll look back and remember this period Like Elvis, 9/11, Princess Di and a myriad of other life changing times as historians will document War, pandemics, bills and oth'r events
Before we started, we were small, not strong The crowd around us said the world was wrong Yet we kept our minds in adventure and lore
The world is a cruel mistress One moment you could be plotting along the next you are through the wringer and back Fate is entirely random So, my friends Just keep going.   Reality can be tough
  What is love?  Is it the tightness in my chest when they look at me?  Is it the thought of them before I go to rest?  Or the rushing adreline of my heart?    What is love?
The curtains rise on the acts of my life, And already there's confusion among the crowd. Nobody's bullied me. Nobody's pushed me, Nobody's jeered, Nobody's called me names,
Pessimism creeped through every crevice of my soul constantly my head was down negativity had a hold, My mind was a whirlwind of emotions spiraling so deep as if I conceived the ocean,
Irises like a green spring leaf mixed with the bright-brown foliage of fall, You say you try to help me, Lies, You help me through it all. Your smile makes me smile, it's as simple as that.
Walking souls, not discovered, No one knew their names, They yelled until their lungs gave out  and silence came through their vains  told they couldn't be  dreams flushing out like toxins through them,
I was at the end of my rope The palms of my hands burning My mind telling me to give up But that ancient part of me bent on survival refusing to let go  
I feel electric walking through a park engulfed with happy princes, children skipping, people playing to their laughter. singing strings of guitars in this park the mirth of drooping spilling coins in their cases.
Unlike any other,   I can not settle with any color,   I can not choose one passion over the other   I think that they complement one another.   Only in    Light  
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