Emptiness Deserves to be Written

Here's to the empty human bodies who are 
numb to the feeling of their 
To the empty-headed, who I 
won't call stupid but lost in 
a sea of bodily functions 
and emotions 
creating malfunctions. 
Here's to the broken hearted who 
feel their bones are naked without 
flesh and feeling 
Feeling hospitalized with 
bones still perfectly intact 
and with the thought 
of them broken. 
Here's to the beloved who feel 
unloved because the devil on 
your left shoulder speaks  
louder than the angel on your 
Here's to the night of empty 
city streets, 
lights alive depriving energy 
and our insides intoxicated  
with fun frenzy  
and what you recall as  
a couple sips and the rest slipped 
out of your control. 
You remember nothing but the 
prints of your fingertips 
on cups that once were 
but felt like air grasped into your palms. 
Here's to the souls who 
fail to feel the good of living...
who see the world in dull colors 
and their slots 
getting prepped up for 
Here's to you. Just you. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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