The Drunk Driver

A man sits at a pub with the keys to his car,
Drinking and drinking he’s going too far.
He looks at the clock and it’s time to go home,
He knows that he’s drunk but he came here alone.
So without a second thought or minute to spare,
He gets in his car cause he’s too drunk to care.

He thinks he alright and he’ll get home quick and safe,
Till his vision gets blurry and his mind fades away.
The car starts to swerve and he’s losing control,
Heading straight towards another car on its way home.
The car tries to swerve before he gets hit,
But he’s too late and both cars start to flip.

Both cars burst into flames and both drivers have passed,
One driver the drunk man and the other my dad.
All because one man got drunk and decided to drive,
Both he and my innocent father have both lost their lives.

That man took away more than just his own life,
He took another man from his family, two kids and a wife.
Now a poor mother must raise two kids all alone,
All because the man got drunk, and tried to drive home


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


simply amazing and descriptive

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