Drugs are no fun

Oh no!

Today was the day

You murdered a whist

Who stole the skunk

With your own two fists


You have blood on the bed

And brains on your shoes

You must drive yourself

No where to lose


You’re on your own.

And you know what you know.

And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go


You’ll look up and down streets.

Looking over with care.

Some you’ll say, “I cant go there”

With your head full of drugs

and your shoes full of skunk

cops wont even open your trunk


once your out of town

don’t turn around

in any case, you might be found


its open out here

in the wide open air


Here things can happen

Without a care

You will only find a cop car

seen from afar


And when things start to happen

Youll worry and stew

When things go wrong

Back to sentence one with you


Your time is up

No where to hide

hit one last hit

Then commit suicide


Drugs are no fun

But friends are a blast

If you keep on this run

Your not gonna last!


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