Double Life

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 16:28 -- pacuna


Everyone says two is better than one

A couple of treasures is greater than none

They say, "You're so lucky, you can do both"

encouraging, empowering, influencing my growth 

At home I hear one tongue and respond in another

"La comida esta lista", "I'm coming mother"


Both languages cramming my brain

Too many words, how do I stay sane?

Just trying to divide up both lifestyles

Preserve my culture, know my identity

I Must find shelter, a place of serenity


I scurry to my room, lie on my bed

trying to calm all the thoughts in my head

mom asks, "Estas bien?" I say, "Si" - I lied

in my journal are all the feelings I hide


to write, to sing, to pray

poems of my struggles I can convey

no judgement , just me

writing on paper just to feel free


I write to help distinguish

French, Spanish, and English

pondering my double life, my double culture

practicing le francais, writing English, and speaking el espanol

Born in Mexico, dual citizen, that's my role


Writing serves a dual purpose

helping to calm my multicultural circus

I realize my upbringing is nothing to be ashamed of

acknowledging my talent is a gift

a blessing I've always missed






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